Technology: Woocommerce
Timeline: 6 Months

Ironside makes the amazing custom PC's gamers can't help but fall in love with


A branded & unique e-commerce experience that puts the power in the hands of their customers


Whether you’re a die hard gamer or casual player, Ironside Computers offers a line of flexible, pre-configured and ground-up customizable PCs.


Aiming to inspire and replicate the gaming culture we utilized videos, illustrations and micro-interactions to create an e-commerce experience unlike any other in their space.


With over 2,500 possible combinations available at the time of launch our custom designed build your own PC feature truly empowers gamers to create their perfect rig.

Our Goal:

To create an online experience that showed of the uniqueness and character of their products while also keeping it engaging and immersive for gamers.


Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Front & Back-end Development, Platform Migration, Custom PC Builder Tool


WHAT WE DID Unlike traditional e-commerce category and product pages, we utilized video animation and large imagery to show off the sleek products and create a connection between the system and the games that’ll be played on it.

Sales Volume Increases 3X

Average Order Value's Up 40%


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