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Technology: Durpal 8
Timeline: 6 Months

Des Case increases the longevitiy and effeciency of industrial equipment

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Creating a unique, and attention grabbing experience


For some reason, websites for industrial brands tend to be sterile, plain, outdated, neglected, or difficult to use. But they don’t have to be.


A project with a niche audience doesn’t mean that design and experience aren’t as important as they are on other projects. In fact, a project with a smaller audience probably demands that design and experience work harder to make sure users engage and convert. At least, that’s how we approach them.

Our Goal:

To create a best-in-class online experience that communicated a unique identity, provided detailed product pages, and offered ample opportunity for lead generation. 


Digital Strategy, UI/UX, Front & Back-end Dev, Salesforce Integration, Marketo Integration, On-site SEO

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WHAT WE DID At the end of the day, the challenge is not much different than any other project: make sure the brand is represented clearly, that value is shown, that products are easy to find, and provide a meaningful experience for the user. So that’s what we did for Des-Case.

Best In Class Awards x3

Conversion Rate Increaded 425%

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Do you want a website like this one? We can help you with that.

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