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Cernucci is an urban jewelry brand that is inspired by London's hip-hop fashion trends. The company wants to give its customers a chance to express themselves through their fashion choices. We helped them with a full website redesign to accomplish their goals.

Hero header Cernucci

The Objective.

The goal was to create a website design that Cernucci could use to highlight their brand and engage with their target market. They also wanted their Shopify store design to have more intuitive navigation so customers could find products easier.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Simplifying Pages.

In order to increase user experience and engagement, Cernucci’s multiple website pages needed to be consolidated in order to make finding key information easier to find. This made things more accessible and the navigation path simplified.

Amping Up Drops.

Due to the nature of Cernucci’s business model, they have a lot of limited addition drops of products. We needed to create an effective way to easily add these to the site and build up hype around them.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Web Design
Full-stack Website Development

Content Strategy

Copy Writing




The Results.


Increase in overall conversion rates


Increase in top-line revenue


Returning customers


The ecommerce homepage design highlights a handful of products to interest potential customers. The page also shows various product gift sets and products that fit within a set budget. A configurable block on the homepage can be turned on/off to highlight the latest drop with a timer. An integrated Instagram feed is placed at the bottom of the page to show real customers wearing Cernucci’s products.

Homepage Cernucci

Dropdown Navigation

The dropdown navigation makes it easy for customers to find the products they are looking for in a short amount of time. This increases user experience in being able to find a wide array of products such as chains and pendants.

Product Quiz

The new product quiz page offers several different questions to help customers find the exact products that would interest them. Once the quiz is completed customers are shown four selections of options that fit what they are looking for.

Collection Page

Each collection page is organized by category. This improves the user experience; a site visitor can more easily find the product that suits their needs best. Each product image displays the product by itself and once hovered over shows the product in use. These adjustments improved conversion rates for the site.

Collection Cernucci
Secondary hero Cernucci

Product Page

The product page design shows each product in each of the options it is available for purchase in. This makes the user experience easier since the customer can see all of the product options at one time.

Product Cernucci 1

About Page

The about us page tells the story of how Cernucci was created and is accompanied with images of the products in use. The hamburger scroll hides the information until the customer is ready to view each sub-information piece on the about us page.

About Cernucci 1
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