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Caldera Lab.

Caldera Lab is a beauty company that focuses on men’s high performance skin care as well as products that are pure with their ingredients that are also sustainable.

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The Objective.

Since launching their product in 2019 Caldera has had several different teams work both on their website and marketing.


Over this period of time, fragments both with the front-end design and back-end setup had begun to form, making it more difficult for their internal marketing team to manage, and impeding conversions.


We needed to both improve their front-end experience while also making their Shopify website easier to maintain.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Improving Their Existing Site

Entering a website you didn’t build with the intention of improving it is always a difficult task. With limited formal documentation, we needed to understand how existing features were set up and make improvements in a short time. Then, make all of this easy for Caldera Lab to do themselves in the future. Such were our goals for their website redesign project.

Increasing Their Conversion Rate

Caldera Lab wanted to find a way of increasing their conversion rates and in turn their sales. To do this, they needed an ecommerce website that could handle capabilities that updated sales percentages of various products and promotions, as well as a skin care quiz that would suggest products for customers to purchase.

What We Did

Digital Strategy

Website Redesign

Conversion Rate Optimization
UI/UX Design
Design and Development
Web Development
Content Strategy

Custom Quiz App




The homepage features movements to gain and keep the attention of its web page visitors. Customer reviews are also located on the homepage to ensure the social proof is present and may entice customers to purchase more products that drive sales.


Below is Caldera Lab's before and after of their website!

Caldera Lab Homepage Old New

Pinned Add To Cart For PDP Pages

After customers add a product to their cart they then are able to view their shopping cart as they travel from web page to web page. They are able to change the supply choices, the subscription purchase, and quantity they would like to purchase. By making the shopping cart accessible to customers this will help Caldera Lab to drive their sales.

Quiz and Process + Results.

The quiz asks questions to the customer ranging from their skin type, what problem areas they have, and the weather climate they live in. All of this information is summarized and taken into consideration for the process and results suggested by Caldera Lab.

Step 1.
Quiz Results Process Caldera Lab@2x
Results Page
Quiz Results Process Caldera Lab 2@2x

Product Page.

With multiple purchasing options and frequencies for delivery, one major challenge was to create an intuitive on-time or subscription purchase experience. We also wanted to highlight the fact that this is a clinically proven product, without boring customers with all the science. Sections like the clinical results and featured reviews add crucial social proof. Lastly, the pinned product bar allows customers to experience the whole page and conveniently always have a purchasing option front-and-center.

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