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Technology: WordPress
Timeline: 4 Months

Buechel cultivates & supplies commerical contractors with beautiful, natural stone.

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A website experience focused on product quality & brand integrity


You might not expect a stone quarry to push the envelope when it comes to its brand. Then again, you might not expect a stone quarry to pioneer industry-leading initiatives in sustainability and product innovation — we’re talking about stone, after all: how much could it be improved?


Buechel Stone isn’t just a quarry, though, so their website couldn’t just be a website. It needed to be a fine tuned, consumer and business facing sales tool that sets them apart from all of their competitors.

Our Goal:

To create an effective showcase for their product in action and provide their dealers with the ultimate digital sales tool


Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Front & Back-end Development, Microsoft Dynamics Integration, Custom Product Calculator

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WHAT WE DID They didn’t ask for a portfolio, so we built them a Brag Book. They don’t run e-commerce, so we built them a cart system that connects customers with trusted dealers. And if you’re looking for help, they didn’t want to just send you to a contact form or a 1-800 number, so we built a resource center where they could share all of their CAD drawings, 3-D prototypes, and installation tutorials so architects, contractors, consultants, and even adventurous DIYers can begin designing their projects.


Design & Innovation Awards Earned 3

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A FEW KIND WORDS FROM Buechel "We considered 5 companies before deciding on Huemor. After our extensive online research, Huemor stood apart due to their creativity, tech-savvy, and passion for the UX"

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Tracy Lisowe, Marketing Director

Do you want a website like this one? We can help you with that.

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