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BetterCloud is a SaaS product that helps other companies with their own SaaS management. They help to pinpoint what companies are currently using for their SaaS products and then help them realize where they could better be efficient in their SaaS management.

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The Objective.

BetterCloud needed help in consolidating their old website and to help with their own navigation management. We helped to streamline the process and flow of their website by creating various funnel paths throughout their website in order to get to their various products.

Unique Problems to Solve.

Flexibility to Grow

They needed a website that was flexible enough to grow and change overtime as their company would grow and change overtime. The company also wanted to find a balance between a fun design while still having that option to grow and change in terms of design layout.

Besting the Competition

BetterCloud was also looking for an update to their company’s image. Their company is smaller in comparison to their competitors so they were looking for a website that positioned them shoulder to shoulder with the ‘big guys’.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Design and Development
Web Development
Content Strategy


The Results.


Increase in demo sign-ups


Bounce rate


Average session duration


The homepage features a clean design that highlights the key areas of BetterCloud’s product offering. The hero header features a staggered animation meant to capture the users attention and focus them in on the product. The design also makes it easier for users to navigate through and find exactly which service fits their needs. The homepage also features a scrolling list of current clients of BetterCloud to help build social proof.

Homepage Better Cloud

Homepage Hero Animation

Included on the Homepage is an animation that fades in to highlight the key elements of BetterCloud’s service.

Megamenu Navigation

The Mega Menu Navigation increases user experience by breaking down each subsection in making it easier to find the exact information needed.

BetterCloud Integration

The video illustration displays the various integration capabilities BetterCloud offers.

Product Page.

Each product page is designed to both explain the unique facets of the product, as well as speak directly to the challenges their prospective customers may be experiencing. The product page follows the idea of being flexible in the design so they can easily construct and arrange new landing pages for future products.

Product Page Better Cloud
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Solution Page.

The solution pages speak directly to the business needs of their prospective customer. Each one is designed to quickly communicate why this is needed, how it benefits them, and how it accomplishes those benefits. This shift of focus puts the visitor in the driver seat.

Solution Better Cloud

Customer Center

The Customer Center is a hub for everything a customer might need. It enhances user experience by providing an opportunity to read case studies to help customers visualize being a client of BetterCloud. This is also where customers can contact on a customer service level with developers and find out about product updates.

Customer Center Better Cloud

Resource Center

The Resource hub was created to provide customers who are mainly IT professionals, with helpful information to boost productivity. It also houses in-depth white papers, ebooks, and reports that further prove why BetterCloud is the right choice.

Resource Center Better Cloud

About Us

Their new About Us page highlights the company’s greatest strengths. We were able to create a counter that points out key details of their company such as how many years they have been in business, how many employees, and how many offices they have. This page was designed to fit their needs of a flexible website that can be edited as BetterCloud continues to grow!

About Us Better Cloud


Recruiting was a priority for BetterCloud as they continue to expand their organization. The Careers page showcases a fun side to BetterCloud with brighter colors that pop off of the page. The colors were used to provide an eye-catching design that draws a potential employee’s attention to key points and guiding principles of the company.

Careers Better Cloud
better cloud testimonial

"Something I found most unique about Huemor is how much they care in the success of the project. The site is a lot cleaner and shows a very in-depth narrative of our story."

- Jenny Lee, Creative Director, BetterCloud

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