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Technology: WordPress
Timeline: 4 Months

Alliant uses predictive data analysis to help fortune 500 brands find their ideal customers

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A website experience focused on making the complex feel simple


You sell data the same way you sell anything else: by building an emotional connection with the consumer. After all, it’s not the data itself that’s important so much as the ability to use that data to better target consumer audiences and optimize campaigns.


Alliant provides data and the insight behind using it effectively. They needed a web presence that did as much to highlight what could be done with the data as it did the variety and depth of the data they do track.

Our Goal:

To create a website that effectively communicates their offerings and connects both offerings and real-world examples in an elegant way


Digital Strategy, UI/UX, Front & Back-End Dev, Salesforce Integration, Marketo Integration

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A FEW KIND WORDS FROM ALLIANT “We are very pleased with the website Huemor created for Alliant. User experience and lead generation has improved dramatically – and the architecture and ease of use of the WordPress CMS greatly exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

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Becky Terhaar, Marketing Director

Do you want a website like this one? We can help you with that.

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