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A+ Products.

A+ Products manufactures and designs clasps that stand up to the demands of performance brands. Every buckle, handle, snap, and loop is sold by A+ Products to manufacturers across many industries.

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The Objective.

A+ Products, traditionally a wholesaler, needed a solution for lower-quantity sales. By effectively being able to sell through their website, they’d be able to free up their sales team’s time to focus on larger quantity orders.


Make no mistake though, A+ Products is still firmly a B2B brand, and the website also needed to clearly represent that.

Unique Problems to Solve.

B2B Positioning

Oftentimes A+ Products were being contacted for one off products directly from consumers, rather than from other manufacturing companies. This was frustrating and because of this A+ Products wanted to make sure their website communicated exactly what they do and who their target market would be.

Data Migration

A+ Products needed a website that could showcase their extensive product catalogue. We saw that Shopify would allow A+ Products to display their hundreds of products easier than their previous WordPress website. A Shopify ecommerce store would better facilitate switching products out and adding new products.

What We Did

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Website Design
Website Development
Content Strategy




A+ Products’ logo consists of a bold motif of red, black, and white that matches along with bolded text and instantly gains the attention of visitors on their homepage; this aligns well with their performance brand clientele. Another bold feature on the homepage is the experiential slider that allows users to scroll through a couple sections including their Feature Items section. This slider encourages potential customers to look through A+ Products’ offerings and in turn helps to boost A+ Products’ sales by increasing the conversion rate.

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Product Collection Page.

The Product Collection Page includes one of their illustrations that is weaved throughout the website giving A+ Products a more branded feel to their company and website. The page makes each product pop off the page with a red background when hovered over.

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Product Page.

Each Product Page showcases the product’s image on the left hand side of the page. The image stays stationary as the customer scrolls down the page and reads the product description on the right hand side. From a marketing perspective, this helps to increase the customer’s chances of purchasing the product and in turn helps to increase sales for A+ Products.

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Company Page.

The Company Page calls attention to the company’s story and the people behind A+ Products. The page includes stats on the company including how many years the company has been in business, the languages they conduct business in, and number of locations across the globe. The page also puts a face to the name of their key team members. All of this brings a human side to A+ Products making customers feel like they know them.

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Resource Center

The Resource Center houses all of A+ Products’ blog content and relevant reference information for customers. This page helps to position the company as industry leaders with content that makes their readers think as well as gain industry related knowledge.

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Brands Page.

A+ Products’ Brands Page has a clean design that allows the company to call out the lines they work with. Each brand block takes users to the specific page of that brand which then describes and shows some of the products offered.

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Industries Page.

Similar to the Brands Page, the Industries Pages showcases all of the industries that A+ Products’ works alongside. Each industry has their own page which includes stats on items sold, the number of companies using their products, etc.

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"The amount of time, effort, and energy they put into the discovery process and gaining a true understanding of our business was impressive. I directly attribute this to the quality result of our build”

- Bryan Collins, Director of Sales and Marketing, A+ Products

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