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11 Gorgeous WordPress Ecommerce Themes

Last Updated: November 30, 2022

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WordPress has now become a vast global community with thousands of users tweaking and customizing new themes for various industries.

These themes can range from simple to sophisticated depending on the type of business and how far they are in the industry.

However, if you are just getting started with WordPress, there are pre-built themes you can get for less.

These pre-built WordPress themes can help you cut costs effectively, especially if you are planning to launch an online store. These can also be helpful if you have a rushed timeline or a tight budget.

However, not all pre-built themes are equal. Their quality and efficacy may vary depending on the circumstances.

First, the theme you choose should follow the modern design best practices.

Next, the theme should have adequate flexibility to adapt to your business needs.

Finally, the theme you choose should perform well from a site speed perspective. Buggy themes can increase the loading times of your site.

With these in mind, we collated a list of themes we feel are well-suited for a start-up or small business below.


Gorgeous WordPress Ecommerce Themes



What’s better than a WordPress ecommerce theme that elevates one’s shopping experience while offering convenience?

Fashionistas, accessories enthusiasts, and many more will appreciate the theme and structure of your page once they see the pop of bright colors along with the wide range of choices you offer.

One can say that April is a simple and straightforward design with lots of powerful features to enhance your site. This theme works for any type of branding and for any type of ecommerce site.

April is fun to navigate with its minimalist buttons and fonts you can stare at all day. The colors also don’t hurt the eyes despite their exciting combos of various palettes.

What’s more — you have more than ten home page design options to choose from!

They are made to look different depending on the kind of website you’re planning to build. You can also tweak the theme with its unlimited skins and theme options. It has more than 800 Google fonts and eight different header layouts.

Speaking of unlimited, this font also offers unlimited sidebar and colors for your site. You are not limited to what is shown in the pictures, and you can absolutely customize your page to appeal to your customers better.



If you’re looking for an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly theme for your customers, then look no further because Artemis is the one.

Artemis includes a wide array of features and plug-ins that calls for an unmatched customer experience.

Using WordPress has never been easier with Artemis and its vast set of inclusions.

It also has a clean design pleasing to the eyes of the visitor. It has a fully responsive interface that is fully optimized for several kinds of devices. You can also choose unlimited colors though the theme customizer.

Artemis has customizable menu styles for you to switch from in case you want to switch up your designs. The Elementor library is filled with customizable section templates you can easily access.

Finally, if you offer various kinds of products, there are different product page layouts among the selections to best suit your business.



If you’re looking for a minimal ecommerce wordpress theme, this is the one for you!

Blance has a sleek and modern look that’s perfect for selling and promoting your products online. Its minimalistic concept gives it the flexibility to be customized according to your business type and preference.

Blance’s customizable pre-built elements are numerous, and you won’t have to worry about running out of options.

Aside from its beauty, Blance also offers a fully responsive and optimized interface to cater to all devices and screen sizes. Its drag-and-drop design is made for easier customization on your end. You won’t have to deal with codes to get a perfectly crafted design.

All you have to do is choose from the selection, and your design will be promptly generated.

Five sliders, 20+ shortcodes, 11 demos, and more — you can get all of them with Blance.

This theme is your best bet for a simple yet elegant online store accessible enough for your customers.



Byanca is ideal for any fashion boutique and online store due to its stylish, simple, and elegant design.

These three words best describe this theme for all seasons.

Despite its simplicity and minimalism, it’s still packed with a large collection of product layouts, including various templates and elements.

You can also filter your online store’s products by price, size, description, or user review.

Since the color combination of this theme is easy on the eyes, your customers will surely come back to see more of your products.

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing color combos, your customers will also appreciate the product zoom feature that lets them see the product’s texture, materials, and other details.



Divi is the most popular WordPress ecommerce theme for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that it’s not simply a theme but a website builder that trumps the standard WordPress editor.

It is used by beginners and professionals alike and provides amazing designs that can be incorporated effortlessly.

Aside from that, there are also various effects to use such as hover-over-mouse effects and responsive editing.

You have a vast array of options in customizing the theme to fit your brand and your company.

Other features include inline text editing, global elements and styles, true visual editing, and so much more.



Goya has a modern and minimalist theme best suited for successful ecommerce stores today. Its clean design is perfect for showcasing your products and highlighting their best features.

Goya also has a responsive and mobile-ready layout perfect for customers who like to do their shopping through their phones. You can also expect its installation to be easy with a one-click demo import.

Moreover, the theme is SEO-optimized. If you’re looking to rank better in the search engines, this theme is for you. This theme is made for startups or long-term businesses that want to grow and reach more customers.

Its powerful features and beautiful layouts are indeed aspects to look forward to in Goya.



Halena is praised by marketers for its ability to showcase products in 360 views or through a short video clip. Your users can examine each product carefully from every angle, giving them a glimpse of the quality.

There are also lightbox and zoom gallery features to maximize user experience with every product shown on WordPress. You have various header options to choose from, depending on how you want the features of your products to be highlighted.

Moreover, you can definitely make this theme your own as there are more than 800 fonts, 15 headers, and four unique sliders to choose from.

You can get a full demo and start creating your ecommerce site effortlessly.

square team photo Laurentiu Arghirescu Developer

As developers, we use WordPress ecommerce themes to create secure and easy to use WordPress online shops. When doing so we look for themes that allow for multiple demos to easily choose a design that is perfect for our clients, integrates with well-known page builders, optimizes for Google page speeds, and most importantly optimizes for SEO.

Laurentiu Arghirescu, Full Stack Developer



Konsept comes with various designs for your product pages. You have lots of layouts and headers to choose from, depending on the nature and type of your ecommerce site. To be more specific, this theme is perfect for a modern furniture store.

If you’re in that particular industry, then don’t hesitate to select this WordPress ecommerce theme.

If you’re new to the whole WordPress journey, you don’t have to worry, as this theme comes with several resources such as a knowledge base and useful videos. You won’t even have to code anything, as the theme is easy to use.

The large collection of inner pages and layouts is also an impressive aspect.



Metro is the best option for you if you’re looking to organize your ecommerce store based on your brand.

You can expect a smooth user experience as you navigate through its features and go through its entire design.

Metro is a classy theme that highlights the products rather than overloading the page with fancy elements. You can also choose from unlimited color options to customize the theme based on the specific colors of your brand.

This theme is compatible with Yoast SEO.

It includes 10 header styles, 13 home pages, seven category layouts, and so many more pre built layouts.

Its responsive and mobile-friendly interface will allow your customers to shop without technical hindrance.



Just because this theme is called Pinkmart doesn’t mean the colors are limited to pink. Pinkmart offers a large selection of color options.

Like its name, it has a fun and youthful feel to it, especially if you want to appeal to younger audiences. The elements of the page load when required with its advanced page scroll.

Its cross-browser compatibility allows your customers to browse your store anywhere, anytime.

Pinkmart features the latest web technologies, making its design one of the most innovative in this list.



Yobazar is perfectly designed for online shopping stores. It offers a wide variety of options for product and home pages.

Also, it has great speed and an advanced performance rating, making it one of the most loved WordPress ecommerce themes out there. If your customers are big mobile users, it has a small logo area and header to save space on a mobile screen.

This theme has advanced shop settings with more than nine unique home pages and more product hover styles.

You will absolutely enjoy setting up this theme as it comes with detailed documentation for navigating the entire package.



Themes can come in various styles and designs. Thus, it’s important to choose the one that fits your brand and its feel.

Don’t rush the selection process and explore the themes from this list.

Every theme comes with unique features that could be of help to your ecommerce site.

There are more themes out there for you to explore, so don’t limit yourself, and go find the best one for the future of your business.

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September 7, 2022

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