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What are the Benefits of Website Redesign.


August 15, 2023

2023.03.16.Benefits of Website Redesign
What are the Benefits of Website Redesign

A well-designed website can mean the difference between customers trusting your business and them quickly navigating away. Website redesigns are a popular choice amongst businesses looking to create an eye-catching and user-friendly experience for their customers.

It’s not just about making a website look pretty, though; website redesigns can change the way that visitors interact with your site and make it easier for search engines to find you. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of website redesign so that you can decide if it’s time to redo your site!

5 Benefits of Website Redesign

  1. Improve Your Brand Perception
  2. Enhance User Experience
  3. Increase Conversions & Sales
  4. Boost Performance & SEO
  5. Upgrade Internal Functionality

Benefit #1: Improve Your Brand Perception 

When done correctly, a website redesign can positively influence how your target audience perceives and engages with your brand. It also offers a great opportunity to update existing visual elements to better reflect your current goals. Redesigning your website can help make sure that it looks more modern and professional while helping you stand out from the competition.

By keeping user experience at the forefront of design/strategy decisions, you will be able to showcase your value proposition effectively, which leads to building trust with customers and higher conversion rates. All these key benefits make website redesign a worthwhile investment for any business looking to establish or enhance its online presence.

Update/Align Your Brand Messaging & Positioning

Your website should effectively communicate the core values and services of your company. Make sure to take into consideration any changes in the market, customer perceptions, audience needs, or other factors that may influence how you communicate with them through your website design. Knowing how people currently interact with your website can help guide you here. What’s working now, and where can you improve?

Concentrate On Visual Design Aesthetic

Your brand perception will largely be attributed to how visually appealing your site looks without sacrificing usability across any range of browsers/devices/viewports (desktop or mobile).

To enhance visual appeal while still retaining ideal levels of usability opt for easy-to-understand typography, creative imagery, and clear calls to action (CTAs). This isn’t to say you can’t wow your audience. An example of a site that does this well is HITT. While their site has a lot of design to it, it’s still very clear to the user how to navigate it – leaving a lasting impression.

Benefit #2: Enhance Your Site’s User Experience

Redesigning a website is a great way to better the user experience. A new design can make a website more accessible. Additionally, redesigning your site can help ensure that it remains competitive even as trends in design evolve over time. By investing in website redesigns on a regular basis (the average lifespan of a website is 2 years, 4 months. Whereas sites built by Huemor outperform the average lifespan by more than 60%), businesses can ensure that their sites remain appealing and up-to-date.

Improve Navigation & Structure

The layout of a website often determines whether or not visitors stick around to learn about what you do and why they should work with you. Invest in a clean and intuitive navigation system to make it easier for users to move from one page to another.

Additionally, use responsive web design techniques to ensure visitors have access to all of the same content regardless of which device they’re using (desktop or mobile device).

Focus on Usability & Accessibility

Usability is important when designing websites—especially when creating an immersive online experience for potential customers. It’s also important that sites are accessible by all users regardless of ability level.

Be mindful of color contrast, font styles and sizes, alternative text tags for images so they can be read by screen readers, and other assistive technology devices – all features considered best practices within web accessibility standards today.

Benefit #3: Increase Conversions and Sales

With a website redesign, you have the opportunity to align your site’s user experience (UX) with customer journeys. You also have the chance to create landing pages tailored specifically to different stages of the buying process.

Additionally, consider optimizing your website for specific goals like increased sign-ups, demo requests, leads, or orders. A well-designed website can be pivotal in helping you reach success in those key areas.

Create Effective Content as Part of Website Redesign

Content has become an essential element of successful web design. People use search engines for answers, which means content must be created with keyword-rich phrases optimized for search engines if you want organic traffic from Google or Bing.

Content should also be written in an engaging way that attracts potential buyers who have already done research on their own volition. The content should further educate readers on the product or service being offered and include calls to action that encourage visitors to take the next desired step in the customer journey.

Design For Conversions With Clear Calls-To-Action

No matter how attractive or informative the design may be, visitors won’t become customers without clear CTAs prompting them forward through the sales process with confidence – i.e., buttons like “learn more,” “get started now,” “buy now,” etc…

Make it as easy as possible for potential customers to take action.

Measure Results After Going Live

You’ll use your current site’s metrics as your baseline. From there, you’ll set goals for specific KPIs you want to target for the new site (e.g. increase the number of orders each month by 8%). Since during the design process you had these goals in mind, after launch you should track your results to measure success and continuous improvement.

Benefit #4: Boost Site Performance and SEO

A website redesign can be used to improve a website’s performance and its ability to attract organic traffic. A redesign involves restructuring the existing webpages and design elements, adding (or removing) features, creating new pages and content, and improving the overall user experience. Additionally, by improving the website speed loading times and reducing bounce rates with better navigation structure, site performance will increase as well as search engine visibility. All together this will significantly improve your website’s SEO rankings in search engines like Google.

Optimize Load Times

Page load times are critical because it affects how quickly information is delivered on a web page—which then affects user interaction with the said page(s). Additionally, reductive loading times generally help increase search engine rankings making such efforts both beneficial from an SEO standpoint plus from a user perspective potentially allowing them greater access whenever seeking out needed information quickly & efficiently

Benefit #5: Upgrade Internal Functionality

Now is the time to upgrade the internal functionality of your website. What are the current bottlenecks in your website management? Do you have common complaints from your employees about a particular process?

Going through a website redesign project will help identify areas that are bogging you down. This will allow you to increase the efficiency of your marketing department, which means they can spend more time on ROI-producing activities and less time on logistics.

An example of this could be setting up a uniform structure for organizing pages in your CMS like WordPress. Or, making sure you’re using the right CMS in the first place. Clearly, this will vary per business and website!

Benefits of Partnering with Huemor for Your Website Redesign

We’ve helped hundreds of companies upgrade their websites, and on average our clients see a minimum of 20% increase in conversions after six months of working with us. 

Not only can we deliver results, we are trusted by world class companies and their teams as their go-to website support and maintenance partner – providing them peace of mind knowing their website is always best-in-class.

We can help you too! Learn more about partnering with us below:

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Get Memorable Insights.

Sign up to receive actionable web design advice directly in your inbox monthly.


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