The First Five

On The Occasion of Our 5th Anniversary…

We should say something, right? People always say something at big milestones. Something introspective, self-congratulatory, and somehow, at the same time, something that tries to be future-facing, like, “That’s just the beginning!”

And now that we’re here, it’s kind of like, yeah, that sounds about right.

Five seems like a good, big number. It won’t seem like it when we hit 10, but it was almost unimaginable at 1. And it does feel like a time for introspection and gratitude and looking to the future, too. We’re going to do that, but we don’t want to just gush about ourselves. Over the next several weeks, we’re going to publish a series of posts about all the things we’ve learned along the way, what we’re going to learn next, and what we think will earn us another five years of doing work we love.

Mike & Jeff


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