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March 2024 Recap: Free Website Review Wednesday.


June 19, 2024

Image of Minimalist Web Pages That Read “March 2024”
March 2024 Recap: Free Website Review Wednesday

As another month passes, so does another insightful and completely free Website Review Wednesday. On these special days, we offer a personalized, free website review to anyone who wants to learn how to improve their site. This last month, we analyzed over 30 websites and provided unique advice on how to make them more effective.

While each of our free website reviews offered valuable insights, there were a couple of business and individual website analysis highlights that were particularly impactful.


Images of Meow’s Homepage

Meow has a fun and memorable name that sets it apart from other financial technology businesses. That being said, their website may depart a little too far from their competitors in the field. 

The website reads more as a general SaaS product rather than specifically a financial SaaS product, and that’s due to the way the assets are presented, as well as some of the choices in color and fonts.

The aesthetics need to be dialed in to represent their brand and their industry. Improving these elements can significantly increase traffic to their site by making it more appealing and relevant to their target audience.

Jackie’s UX Portfolio

Image of Jackie’s UX Portfolio Homepage

While portfolios differ from more conventional B2B and e-commerce websites, many of the same design principles and tips apply. For Jackie’s portfolio, particularly because it’s for UX, it’s crucial that there are no missing or sloppy elements. 

For example, there needs to be clear micro animations and states for elements like buttons. They could benefit from creating active or hover states so that viewers know immediately that they can interact with them. Similarly, for thumbnail images, a more user-friendly approach would be to add a more visible effect than just a cursor change to indicate that they can be engaged with.

Additionally, as it is one of the main purposes of a portfolio, the case studies that are showcased would be more effective if there were a description available without having to click on it. Information like what type of business the case study is about and what work was done should be included.


Image of Kinetik’s Homepage

For the Kinetik website, there are a couple of visual elements that could be improved. In the section of logos that are being highlighted, the logos themselves could be of higher quality. Because a color palette was chosen for the majority of them, that color palette should be consistent across all of them. Additionally, there is an unnecessary hover effect over each logo that could be removed to avoid confusion. Enhancing these visual elements can help generate more leads by presenting a more professional and engaging image to potential clients.

Another element that could be improved is the photos displayed throughout the website. They appear less professional, with slightly off lighting and photo quality. Photos like this should also appear inviting and engaging. In the case of the first picture, this could come in the form of smiling and exhibiting friendlier body language.


Image of BHA’s Homepage

The introduction animation to the BHA website is interesting and visually pleasing, but it does cause some lagging. While it’s not necessary to remove the animation, the experience would benefit greatly from being made more efficient to prevent delays in entering the website. 

Another area of improvement would be the responsiveness of the website. When scrolling to the left or right, some of the text gets cut off on the side. This is a sign that the responsive containers aren’t working as well as they should. 

Digital Orbit

Image of Digital Orbit’s Homepage

The Digital Orbit website is enhanced by an excellent design. However, there is room for an upgrade in copywriting, user experience, and conversion optimization. Improving these aspects of the website is vital to ensure good content that will bring in more customers.

For example, while a headline with a rotating message is trendy, it can dilute the message that’s trying to be delivered. It’s more effective to have a single value-driven message that engages all of the potential clients without them needing to wait for the full rotation of words. Similarly, the message underneath should be specific and clear about what services the business offers. 

Get Your Own Personalized, Free Website Review

No website is perfect. That’s why personalized reviews by a professional agency can be such an important tool in ensuring that your website is effective in all areas of design. Our review, free of cost, can help you rank higher on search engines, increase traffic, and generate more leads by identifying key areas for improvement.

Are you interested in receiving valuable suggestions on how to optimize your website for absolutely free?

Follow Huemor’s Jeff Gapinski to find out when our next Website Review Wednesday is. When the day comes, DM or leave a comment with your website’s URL link.

We look forward to helping you make the final design of your website the very best it can be. 

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