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How Do The Best Corporate About Us Pages Showcase Their Company Well?.


August 15, 2023

2023.01.11.How Do The Best Corporate About Us Pages Showcase Their Company Well
How Do The Best Corporate About Us Pages Showcase Their Company Well?

No matter what kind of business you run, the About Us page is often among the first pages you’ll develop for your website.

After all, it’s the first stop for any visitor interested in learning more about you or your company.

You can tell the world about your company’s origins, its unique offerings, its core principles, achievements, and its clients on the About Us page.

Each component – the layout, the content, the images or videos – tells a piece of the bigger story of who you are and what drives your work.

Is there a way to maximize the effectiveness of this essential piece of your business strategy?

This article will show you what makes a good About Us page and provide you with several examples of top corporate About Us pages so you can write your own that will amaze your audience.


What Do All the Best Examples of Corporate About Us Pages Have?

Building an impressive About Us page from scratch can be challenging because there is no tried-and-true formula.

There are, however, some elements that must be present if you want to win over customers.

Let’s take a look at what all the top corporate About Us pages have in common.

A Mission or Purpose

A powerful mission statement does more than just describe your company’s goals to customers; it also helps you connect with them.

When consumers feel a deep connection to your brand, they are more likely to remain loyal to your business, which in turn boosts your bottom line.

Having a clear mission statement can also help your business stand out from the crowd.

Your About Page, however, can and should cover more ground than just a single business goal.

Get people interested in what you’re doing by clearly articulating your objectives in the business right off the bat: What is the purpose of your company? And why should that matter to the people that visit your website?

You can leave the reader a lasting impression of your brand by providing them with information like this.

A Story To Share

Everyone has a story to share, and your company is no different.

Nobody else is doing what your company is doing with the exact same motivations. The About Us section of your website is an excellent way to share this information.

Differentiating yourself from the competition is as simple as telling your story, and there’s no better place to do so than on your About page.

In addition, your brand’s story will resonate more strongly with consumers if they can relate to its trials and tribulations.

However, despite how much you want to, don’t write a story longer than 2000 words. It’s highly improbable that a visitor will read the whole thing.

On the contrary, you should be succinct, accurate, and to the point. Don’t brag too much about yourself or ramble on unrelated topics.

deAnna klein news page

The About Us page is a great place for corporations to speak to prospective customers in an authentic and personal way that builds a real emotional connection without corporate jargon or sales-minded language.

DeAnna Klein, Copywriter

Forward Thinking Future

What will happen to your company in the future? The About Us section of your website is a great place to convey your company’s vision for the future by reflecting on its purpose and core values.

Inform your visitors how your company’s prior experiences have prepared it for its future endeavors. Describe the measures you are taking to bring your business closer to its ideal state.

The copy should be tailored to your specific brand, but it should always be genuine.

Proof, Of Course!

Each claim made on your About Us page should be supported by concrete examples.

Statistics lend credibility, particularly when indicating an issue you’re attempting to solve or the achievements you’ve accomplished as a firm, such as the volume of products sold or years in business.

Consider the data you can include on your About Us page to highlight your organization’s objective or to measure your influence as a company.

Incorporating attention-grabbing numbers into your story will help you convey your message more successfully, whether you’re outlining the market problem that arises at the beginning or emphasizing the accomplishments at the climax.

Using testimonials from clients can also help!


6 Top Corporate About Us Page Examples

Do you need some ideas for the perfect About Us page?

The good news is that we have searched the web high and low to bring you the best About Us pages available.

Find out what makes these examples so unique and interesting by taking a look at them one by one.

1. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola

The history of Coca-Cola is fascinating, and it’s not hard to see why the company chose to highlight it on the About Us page.

The origin of Coca-Cola begins with its founder, Dr. John Pemberton, whose pharmacy in 1886 sold the first Coke, and continues with the company’s growth over time.

Aside from its brand story, Coca-Cola also showcases its company’s advocacies and essential statistics.

Their About Us page grabs the attention of the reader with a video and other eye-catching images. The human brain processes images considerably faster than it does text; thus, it was wise of Coca-Cola to include them on its About page.

Some people may not read everything on a page, but they can still get a sense of what the company does just by looking at the pictures.

2. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dicks Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods About Us page is short and to the point. The brand’s story is written in a way that grabs readers’ attention and motivates them to act. It also flows nicely into the brand’s current mission statement.

Dick’s Sporting Goods does a great job of giving first-time visitors the information they need to get to know the company without making them wade through the founder’s entire life story. You can apply this to your own business by learning About Us page copywriting.

To pique the interest of site visitors, the About Us page includes a timeline detailing key moments in the organization’s history.

Above all else, the web design is simple and straightforward, making it easy on the eyes without being overwhelming.



We may be biased here because this was one of the websites we helped to redesign!

Once visitors land on HITT‘s About Us page, they can immediately be engaged by the video overlaid with a simple and concise introduction. It also features animations that bring out and highlight its contents.

There’s a section on HITT, “By the Numbers,” to further statistics and proof of their excellent work. This helps build trust among visitors and encourages them to choose HITT as their general contractor.

There’s also a timeline of significant events in the company’s history.

The page also includes a photo gallery showcasing life at HITT. It helps to humanize their brand, express their corporate culture, and shed light on the people that drive the business when they give it a face.

4. Knichel Logistics

Knichel Logistics

Knichel Logistics‘ overall About Us page design could use some tweaking.

Nevertheless, the overall content is good. It places a heavy emphasis on the company’s backstory from its inception to the present day.

In addition, the page highlights the company’s certifications, which should reassure site visitors that they are in good hands.

Since it is brief and to the point, it is quite effective. This demonstrates that About Us webpages do not need to be crammed with content.

Instead, you can simply state who you are and what you do to get your point through.

5. Mondelez International

Mondelez International

First off, the header imagery of Mondelez International‘s About Us page just makes you want a snack! It features all the products carried by the company.

In addition, the copy is short and sweet, to the point. For the sake of keeping visitors engaged, this is vital.

The incorporation of video is an excellent multimedia touch to provide further context about the business. By showcasing their promise to progress, they can help consumers relate to the brand.

Bonus points for being accessible and including closed captioning! Nowadays, it’s important to learn about “what is accessibility” and ADA site compliance.

The page also includes several internal links that direct visitors to other important aspects of their brand, such as their leadership, way of doing business, awards, marketing approach, and policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion. These links can help with the company’s search engine optimization efforts.

6. PPG Paints

PPG Paints

PPG Paints‘ About Us page uses plenty of good imagery. The video they include sums everything up well about their company’s history and expertise in the painting industry.

It reveals the inner workings of the business and showing even a few images of a product’s manufacturing process can give curious buyers a glimpse into the company’s operations.

The page also features links to several essential parts of their website, such as their products and services, their expertise, and their people.

With a simple yet engaging layout, visitors will definitely be interested in reading the content and exploring the site.



There’s no need to overcomplicate things while creating your About Us page.

By including details like your company’s story, mission, vision, and achievements, you’ll be good to go.

Your next step is to create your own!

You can develop a memorable experience with your audience by telling an interesting story, following copywriting best practices, being authentic, and using captivating imagery.

In no time, your About Us page will stand out from the rest.

If you want to learn more about making your business stand out online, contact us today!


Jeff Gapinski

President of Huemor


Jeff Gapinski is the President of Huemor where he helps plan the long-term strategic growth of the agency. Jeff is passionate about UI/UX, demand generation, and digital strategy.

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