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The 15 Best Agency Website Designs

Last Updated: August 24, 2022

Best Agency Website Examples

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Agency websites promote an agency’s work and attract new clients.

If they’re challenging to navigate, have outdated information, or look plain old, it can negatively affect your agency. And what happens when a potential client searches up your agency name and lands on a bad website? You lose them!

That’s how crucial it is to have a well-designed, up-to-date, creative agency website.

Businesses rely on agencies for their marketing, advertising, and branding needs, so agencies need to make sure their own website is up to par.

As an agency ourselves, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best agency websites to give you some inspiration.

All these great agency websites make a clean sweep in various categories essential for a strong website creative agency!

From the best agency website design to excellent content, user experience, and overall creativity, these websites have it all.

1. Lilac James

Lilac James@2x

This marketing agency website is soothing with the use of lilac purple as part of their brand identity. The use of color is perfect for promoting the brand and the website’s overall aesthetic!

The video embedded in the hero header to highlight achievements and previous clients is also an excellent way to establish credibility.

The services are also listed right on the homepage, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for!

Lastly, potential customers can easily get in touch with the agency through the website’s Call to Actions (CTAs).

Lilac James is straightforward, consistent, and has excellent attention to detail.

2. Creative Theory

Creative Theory@2x

A modern feel with a basic aesthetic? Creative Theory blends both in their website design! When you visit the website, a mouse effect follows your cursor around the page for a bonus touch.

Moreover, what words can’t fully describe, the agency’s images and videos do an excellent job of summing up what they’re all about. Head over to its pages, and you’ll find various images to scroll over for extra effect making this website design an engaging website design.

Creative Theory truly defines creativity in its website design and overall branding.

3. Hire Influence

Hire Influence@2x

Perfect for the product and target audience, Hire Influence‘s website is very modern without too many bells and whistles. Their branded colors pop, giving the website a fun and young feel!

The website has quick animations that grab users’ attention quickly. Everything about this website is on point for the agency, from the design to the user experience making Hire Influence an awesome website design.

4. Top Hat

Top Hat@2x

When you land on Top Hat‘s agency web, you’re greeted with an awesome hero header video that doesn’t start or even appear if you don’t have your cursor over it.

Their case studies are also on the homepage, so you immediately see what they know. Their case study or work page has an interesting set-up; a grid format but also slightly off an exact grid, such as on Instagram.

Top Hat includes a ton of animated images rather than static ones. Also, their “about” page proves that you can introduce your team in a fun way!

Overall, Top Hat’s website is a great example of a fun yet professional agency website.

5. Chemistry


Chemistry is a Pittsburgh company, and the black and gold theme works well based on location. The minimal use of yellow in their palette aids well, drawing attention to specific sections without being glaring.

Using large text on their site also allows for easy skimming and digesting of content! The animation on their homepage is fun and interesting to look at.

Overall, their website doesn’t feel cluttered, and every piece of copy, imagery, and animation has a purpose for their site design.

Chemistry isn’t scared to have blank white space on their website. They’re easy on the eyes, immediately making you wonder if you do have chemistry with the agency!

6. The Future Forward

The Future Forward@2x

The video upon loading The Future Forward‘s page is a nice touch. It makes the website feel interactive. The navigation starting at the bottom of the page and then moving up with scroll works well for this site. The detail might not work for a non-agency, but it looks cool in this instance.

The Future Forward has its case studies and works as a highlighting touch point to prospective clients right there on their homepage. The website uses bright white color, giving off a bright feel. It’s one of the more unique things that works for them!

7. Beans


If there’s one way to describe Beans‘ website, it’s “Cool beans!” The homepage includes animated beans working (in a meeting, driving a car, and partying!) and following throughout the website as a piece of creative storytelling of their digital agency.

The bright colors make the website visually engaging, and it’s easy how the homepage scrolls down to display various subsections making for an easy to navigate user experience. Their case studies are hidden until clicked on, saving room with the major scroll they have going on. Definitely cool beans!

8. Green Studio

Green Studio@2x

The Green Studio website uses a neutral color palette and minimalistic design that invites visitors and potential clients alike to stick around and explore. The website’s grid layout is visually appealing, making the overall tone relaxed.

Leaves are animated to come in behind images to give movement to the website. Images of actual clients and people are used along with testimonials for social proof.

Their overall content is well-written and organized. Green Studio is a calm, collected, and put-together website you want to explore.

9. Huemor


This is a little biased, but we believe our website is one of the best out there! With over a decade of experience in web design and web development, Huemor’s use of color and page transitions are very enticing, giving users an enjoyable user experience.

Our website is easy to navigate and well-optimized, too (especially considering the amount of content we have!). We use testimonials and real client experiences to emphasize a knowledgeable company.

Each page leads directly to the next, so we can take you everywhere you need to be. The homepage leads to the About page, which leads to the Services page, which leads to the Work examples page, and then leads to the Contact Us page.

You just can’t help but stick around and explore more of Huemor!

Shameless plug: Our own website design goes to show what we can do for your website!

jeff linkedin profile

For those of you who may own, or work for an agency reading this, invest heavily in your website. It’s a critical piece of owned media, and it’s likely the majority of your audiences first touch with you. Our website remains our biggest driver of opportunity not by chance, but because we constantly invest in it.

Jeff Gapinski, Co-Founder

10. Concealed


The use of dark backgrounds and slight animations around the website create a unique user experience.

You can also see the ‘before and after’ by simply dragging the cursor in either direction. The mouse hover effects are critical on this website, highlighting and revealing new sections on each web page and calling out certain features on each web page.

Their project Inner pages are also fascinating with a clean and concise layout. Concealed is overall very professional with a hint of playful elements.

11. Neverland Agency

Neverland Agency@2x

The playful nature of the website emphasizes the company’s name “Neverland,” along with subtle touches and nods to the storybook location of Neverland. Building blocks stacked to look like a pirate ship, a figure of a crocodile, and Tinkerbell? You are in Neverland!

The overall website has 3D illustrations with animations as you scroll through the site. The scrolling effect makes you feel like you are actually entering the website. It’s very colorful, and the use of serif fonts for headings gives it a premium look and feel. There’s a good balance of negative space around the site.

All in all, it’s a clean, playful website with some amazing and attractive visuals that are fun and pleasing to the eye!

12. SayHey


An attractive homepage invites you to explore more of the website with an exciting use of the scroll-down slider to view more projects.

The other pages use a light background compared to the homepage, giving the website a clean minimal look and feel. It’s not cluttered at all!

Even their Case Study pages are clean, organized, and easy to follow.

SayHey has an excellent, alluring website design.

13. CoCollective


The color blocking on CoCollective‘s website is perfect for breaking up sections on the homepage. It’s easier for users to track down the specific information they want.

The navigation is straightforward, where users discover more information as they scroll down the various pages. This is good because it makes the web page and copy less cluttered.

For more information, we wrote a case study on the creation of this website!

14. Mozaik


Greek for “mosaic,” Mozaik‘s website is much like a mosaic. What a way to reflect branding on the website!

Their hero header has an animated video depicting their philosophy for creating things.

The website is filled with various nifty, engaging little animations. Their contact form is interesting as it is not a typical contact form but a short questionnaire (Mad-Lips type).

Mozaik’s work examples page has everything staggered, which is also visually appealing.

15. Square Dot

Square Dot@2x

Using animation up front to capitalize on their name? Square Dot mastered it! The animation seems to enhance the experience rather than get in the way of it.

Their copywriting is strong, clear, and concise.

Overall, the website’s visual design is bright and fun but still professional.

Outstanding Creative Agency Websites

It’s all about having an agency website design that integrates creativity, functionality, and a great user experience.

Creative agencies’ websites find your potential clients’ sweet spots and drive conversions.

Treat every section, from the hero header down to the footer, as your chance to shine and close the deal!

It’s always a good idea to create and improve your website to stay ahead of the competition.

So, if you’re working on your agency website or planning on redesigning it, keep these best 15 agency websites in mind for inspiration!

Meet The Author

Jeff Gapinski is the President of Huemor where he helps plan the long-term strategic growth of the agency. Jeff is passionate about UI/UX, demand generation, and digital strategy.

Originally Published

August 26, 2022

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